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About Us

Christy Kimbro established Every Woman's Place in order to help women easily navigate the process of buying and selling real estate properties. She is a mother, a business owner and successful entrepeneur who recognizes that female clients have unique needs that often go unnoticed by traditional realty companies. 

"Whether you're single or married, divorced or widowed, a woman's needs aren't necessarily greater than those of a man... they're just different. A woman wears so many different hats these days, it's impossible to think that you can be an expert in every field. How can you be assured of getting the right answers when you're not even sure you're asking the right questions?"

Every Woman's Place remedies this dilemma by making sure we address each unique situation with questions of our own. We know how to ask you the right questions, so that we may know exactly how to approach each task in order to satisfy each challenge. You will gain the confidence you need while getting the results you want.

Supported by Fonville Morisey Realty, a leader in the Triangle for over 30 years, Every Woman's Place has the support of over 700 Fonville Morisey agents in 12 offices throughout the Triangle. Our referral network offers a broad range of affiliated business services, from credit and lending to insurance specialists and attorneys.

We are a community of women characterized by resourcefulness, respect, patience and even some good old-fashioned cheerleading. Our clients require, deserve and receive specialized attention that only other women can recognize and appreciate.